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y.josami Products for the hygiene
Products for the hygiene
100% recycled plastics

D. Miguel Soria Santamaria starts its activity as a manufacturer of cleaning supplies and cosmetics by the year 1975, although it is in 1989 when it was formally constituted society Y. JOSAMI S.A. Since then and for more than 30 years, enjoys great popularity among customers, wholesalers of great prestige, for which manufactures its products in the domestic and industrial versions. Notable among them his great introduction in the hospitality (hotel) industry. 

The company is very focused and consolidated in the manufacturing to third parties, especially for the brand of the distributor. Right now Y. JOSAMI S.A. remains a family run company of marked character but constantly evolving, always striving for continuous improvement in the design and quality of finish of the products. 

Y.Josami S.A · Pol. Ind. Bovalar · c/Jaime I, nº 9 · 46970 · Alaquàs · Valencia · Spain · Tel.: 96 150 39 12 · Fax: 96 150 36 49 · · · LEGAL NOTE

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