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Products for the hygiene
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Alaquas Located in Valencia (Spain), the company has three industrial buildings with a total of 8,000 m2, and a total production of 1,500 ton/month. 

There is in project a new building facility of 10,000 m2 with capacity to noticeably increase the productive capacity.

Y. Josami S.A. , is one of Spain's leading companies in the sale of detergents and cosmetics of large format (4, 5, 6, 10 and 25 litrers). 

Essentially we can split the facilities in four distinctive areas. The manufacturing area of detergents, the manufacturing area of cosmetics, the manufacturing area of packaging and storage area (detergents, cosmetics, packaging and raw materials). 

For the manufacture of detergents, Y. JOSAMI have several lines available, in which we have the most modern technical resources and current with the objective of ensuring the quality of the product,
among which one can find automatic packaging machines, lot dividers both for each receiver as for each box, packers and a fully automated robot palletizer among other advances. With all this we archive a greater production by improving the quality and service to our customers. 

For the manufacture of cosmetics Y. JOSAMI have facilities fully isolated from the outside, thus avoiding possible contamination and to ensure the safety of all cosmetic products that we manufacture. For greater control and quality assurance, Y. JOSAMI has subcontracted a laboratory officially approved with a microbiological control of all the manufactures that go on sale. 

For packaging used in Y. JOSAMI we count with various lines of blow of polyethylene, with multiple moulds for different formats that we use. As we make our own packaging, we have a service called "just in time" so we can dispose of any models we need in any moment. Another advantage is that we get the total control in the manufacturing process of the packaging. 

In the storage sections Y.JOSAMI , we can find the latest market shelves, with all security measures and regulations. All available space and adapted to the needs required in Y.JOSAMI. Thus we find three distinct types as depot for empty containers and ancillary equipment for raw materials and finished products, whether detergents or cosmetics.

Y.Josami S.A · Pol. Ind. Bovalar · c/Jaime I, nº 9 · 46970 · Alaquàs · Valencia · Spain · Tel.: 96 150 39 12 · Fax: 96 150 36 49 · · · LEGAL NOTE

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